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Our Story

CESAR TOXQUI moved to Mendocino County from Mexico when he was just sixteen years old. His first job (in the wine industry) was tying down grapevines at the famous Fetzer Vineyards. Little did he know that it was the beginning of a very exciting journey eventually leading him to create his own wine label. Under the tutelage of distinguished winemaker Jesse Tidwell, Cesar gained a deep love for winemaking.

Continuing as Cellar’s Master for Brutocao Cellars, Cesar began to study the art of grape growing. Working full-time and attending school on evenings and weekends he completed his senior thesis on organically grown grapes.

Cesar strongly believes that fine wine begins with fine grapes. Individually selected grapes combined with Cesar’s love and passion for winemaking produce a new hue of fine wines for all to enjoy.


A Day in the Hectic, Happy Life of a Winemaker….

Our Family

Set in the coastal foothills of Northern California resides winemaker Cesar Toxqui and his family. His cellars are limited to small case production of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Heirloom grapes.

The Toxqui family truly enjoys the art of hand-crafted winemaking. They take great pride in creating exciting wines that will surely entice your palate and rekindle your love for traditional handmade wine.

The wine is excellent!

The wine is excellent! And the release party was tons of fun!

Dana King Wark
We had a great time…

We had a great time @ CTC with you two and all the Wine Club Members. Thank you for your hospitality!

Mario Pacheco
I know we are selling…

I know we are selling the best wines at Albona, Gracias Cesar Toxqui felicidades!

Jose Samuel Hernandez
Phone: (707) 391-8412 or (707) 391-8411
Winery: 7301 N State St,
Redwood Valley , CA 95470